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Path to Peace
with Todd Perelmuter Podcast

My goal is to help everyone realize their full potential, become their most enlightened selves, and make this world a more peaceful place.

Having seen so many around me suffering from stress, addiction, suicidal thoughts, anxiety and depression, I decided to embark upon a 9-year journey that would take me to over 35 countries living with and learning from shamans, gurus, monks and tribes. I studied 16 religions and spiritualities, and spent 50 days meditating in total solitude, all in an effort to discover the secrets to a peaceful mind.

If you’re ready to let go of your negative thoughts and the baggage that is weighing you down, if you’re ready for a life filled with joy, purpose and meaning, please join me on the Path to Peace with Todd Perelmuter. Being here and putting in this noble work is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself and others. Afterall, the more peace we bring into our lives, the more peace we bring into this world.

The Path to Peace with Todd Perelmuter podcast is available on Spotify, Apple, Google or wherever you get your podcast. 

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What Listeners Are Saying?

“As an Alan Watts, Ram Das, Michael Singer and Eckhart Tolle fan, I really enjoy this podcast. Todd speaks clearly and thoughtfully about the human psyche and has a slightly different approach than the other authors I mentioned.”


“I have been working on my transformation and finding this podcast has been so helpful. He addresses some real world issues people can have – that I have had.”


“It’s informative and really resonates.”


“I find the way he translates it very easy to understand and absorb. Simple language, easy to comprehend & soothing tone.”


“I am a fan ! I appreciate your careful thoughtful communication style. I look forward to listening to all of your episodes .”


“I love how he explains everything. I gain a new perspective or understanding every time I listen or watch one of his videos.”


“I always feel so peaceful and calm and encouraged after listening.”

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