todd perelmuter

Todd Perelmuter is a spiritual philosopher and speaker on the nature of the human mind. He has impacted the lives of millions worldwide through his teachings in the award-winning spiritual documentary, Aloneness to Oneness.

Todd’s goal is to make sure everyone has the tools to realize their full potential, become their most enlightened selves, and make this world a happier and more peaceful place. He shares his timeless wisdom on Youtube and on the Path to Peace with Todd Perelmuter podcast, helping millions realize they are bigger than their thoughts, more than their past, and with limitless potential for living a life beyond their wildest dreams.

Having seen so many people around him suffering from stress, addiction, suicide, anxiety and depression, he decided to leave his comfortable life in New York City as a highly awarded writer and creative director at the world’s largest ad agency. Having given away all of his belongings, he left his luxury high-rise apartment in New York and embarked upon a 9-year journey that would take him to over 35 countries across five continents living with shamans, gurus, monks, and tribes. He studied 16 religions and spiritualities, studied with leading researchers in cognitive science, and spent 50 days meditating in total solitude, all in an effort to discover the secrets to a peaceful mind.

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